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Western Adventures

Depart: Nov 18, 2019
Return : Nov 22, 2019
Book By : Sep 20, 2019 resizeimage 25This historic hotel provides an experience like no other – the opportunity to literally sleep over the ocean! These cottages were built on Crystal Pier back in the 1930s and are one of the most sought-after reservations in the west. If you like to sleep to the sound of waves and enjoy your mornings looking out over the ocean, this trip is for you! There is much to see and do on the Pacific Beach Boardwalk, but the group will also take time to spend a day at Sea World and visit the famous San Diego Zoo!  Flight/Cottage

  Heavy Walking

 Trip #360-19                         November 18-22                                 5 days

Depart: Dec 5, 2019
Return : Dec 10, 2019
Book By : Oct 3, 2019 resizeimage 27LA likes to show off this time of year! You will “ride the movies” at Universal and visit the happiest place on earth – Disneyland – as they celebrate the holidays in grand style! The parks sparkle and shine in December! While in LA, you will also want to stroll down the famous Hollywood Walk of Fame, see hand and foot prints of famous stars at the Chinese Theatre, tour the Dolby Theatre, home to the Academy Awards and American Idol Finale, and always keep an eye out for your favorite stars! Flight / Hotel

  Heavy Walking

Trip #362-19 |  December 5-10 | 6 days

Depart: Dec 16, 2019
Return : Dec 19, 2019
Book By : Oct 11, 2019 resizeimage 30Come to the brightest star in the Western sky! You’ll stay right on the famous Las Vegas strip which will be all dressed up for the holidays. See an amazing stage production and take in a magic and/or comedy show. Watch the beautiful dancing waters of the Bellagio fountains. Try your hand at casino-style games, visit Fremont Street for an evening of fun and entertainment and see the Viva Vision light show! Flight/Hotel

  Heavy Walking

 Public Transportation Used on this Trip

Trip #366-19                  December 16-19                 4 days

Depart: Mar 2, 2020
Return : Mar 6, 2020
Book By : Jan 3, 2020

dude ranchSaddle up, partners! Relive the Wild West at an authentic dude ranch with an added day trip to Tombstone, AZ! We will do all our favorite things at the ranchhorseback riding, enjoying delicious cowboy-gourmet meals, activities like hiking, country dancing, team penning, bonfires under the starsbut we will also take a day and head to Tombstone. Tombstone, Arizona is internationally known for its stormy and storied past. Western legends like Wyatt Earp and "Doc" Holliday became household names after the Gunfight at the O.K. Corral! We will walk the streets that these and other legendary men and women of the American West walked throughout the years. Don't forget your bathing suit; you will want to take a dip in the pool! (275 lb. weight limit for horseback riding) Flight/Ranch **Group rides horses 1-2x/day

 Heavy Walking

Trip #305-20          March 2-6          5 days

Depart: Mar 5, 2020
Return : Mar 9, 2020
Book By : Jan 6, 2020

nascarOur loyal NASCAR travelers have picked Phoenix as the next track to visit on the circuit! See all of your favorite drivers at this famous track during the spring NASCAR FANSHIELD 500 Weekend. ISM Raceway, previously known as the Phoenix International Speedway, recently underwent $178 million in upgrades! The track is a 1-mile, low-banked tri-oval racetrack located in Avondale, Arizona. Come ready to cheer on your favorites! Flight/Hotel **NOTE: This trip may not work for someone who has a fear of heights! Low-level seats may not be attainable.

 Considerable Walking

Trip #306-20          March 5-9          5 days

Depart: Mar 30, 2020
Return : Apr 3, 2020
Book By : Jan 27, 2020

310.20Come to the brightest star in the Western sky! You'll stay right on the famous Las Vegas strip, see a Las Vegas stage production, and take in a magic show. Watch the beautiful dancing waters of the Bellagio fountains. Eat at a grand buffet, and try your hand at casino-style games. Visit Fremont Street for an evening of fun and entertainment. You will also spend a day touring the beautiful Hoover Dam. *This is a Gift of Adventure trip! Fill out this form, and you may be elligible for the Gift of Adventure price of $1725. Flight/Hotel

 Heavy Walking

 Public Transportation

Trip #310GA-20          March 30-April 3          5 days

Depart: Jun 18, 2020
Return : Jun 23, 2020
Book By : Apr 30, 2020

324.20When you drive into Medora you feel like you have stepped back in time and returned to the Old West! Your days will be spent enjoying buggy rides, attending a salute to Theodore Roosevelt where Teddy himself will take you back in time, and taking a scenic drive through Theodore Roosevelt National Park. Hopefully you will see wild horses, buffalo, and lots of prairie dogs! You will tap your toes while eating a delicious meal during the Medora Gospel brunch. After brunch, you will be treated to an amazing Gospel show with a full band, four gospel singers, and the amazing voice of host, "Queen of the West," Emily Walter. The highlight of the trip will be the night you attend the yummy Pitchfork Steak Fondue and outdoor Medora Musical. The show is really something special; it is truly the greatest show in the West! There will also be time to explore their quaint shops! An option for those who are interested includes a western horseback trail ride. *220 lb. weight limit for horseback riding. Van/Hotel

 Moderate Walking

Trip #324-20          June 18-23          6 days


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